About Us

Mariasole Gioielli is an incredibly dynamic and flexible company, strongly tied to its craftsmanship, with an all-feminine sensitivity and loyal to quality, first and foremost.

These characteristics are the basis of the new made in Italy the world recognizes. Silver and precious metals jewels are produced in the laboratory by adopting the micro-lost-wax casting technique that involves the loss of the model at the final stage of the process, thus ensuring the uniqueness of the product.

Mariasole Jewels is a forge of ideas whose collection changes twice or three times a year. As a result of this, every visit to its atelier turns into an ever new discovery; a journey throughout all sorts of influences, all blooming into a jewel with an incomparable style.

Mariasole Jewels has been designing, projecting and producing exclusive objects for 20 years. It has enriched the style of those wearing its creations and highlighted their personality and uniqueness. It is a story of women, craftsmanship and perseverance.

One of those beautiful adventure outputs from the pen of a writer of novels; an adventure of risks, courageous choices and moving victories. Mariasole jewels stems form a dream and it has became a strong reality in the upper –class world of Italian Jewellery.

We could go on mentioning all international successes and awards obtained in the course of these years but Mariasole prefers to have its creations talking in its place and it proudly looks forward to its future.

Mariasole jewels believes that each work is a labour of creativity and intuition originating from the natural stone. It takes its inspiration from a strong know-how of traditional craftsmanship of Arezzo and evolves into entirely Made in Italy hand- manufacturing. Whether it is a collection or a single piece built on specific customers requirements whomever wears a Mariasole jewels bears a sophisticated and intriguing charm. A sophisticated elegance originating from the awareness of possessing an object conceived with the greatest care for a woman with lots of class.